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Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The wedding has come and gone, and the registry was filled to the brim with great ideas. The only problem now is that the new Mr. and Mrs. have it all. What else could a near and dear friend possibly shop for? Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or maybe a glass of wine) and sink into your favorite cozy slippers because Caitlin McDonald Events breaks down gift guides, certificates and more for the newlyweds on your nice list!

Gift experiences the couple will never forget

Call us competitive, but when we're shopping for gifts at CME, we're planning to raise the bar every season because gift giving is one of our love languages. One of our favorite ways to celebrate our newlyweds is by giving the gift of an unforgettable experience. In Oregon, we're spoiled with very seasonal weather which means lots of snow in the winter and plenty of opportunity for a a little winter romance! Here are some of my favorite experiences to gift any newlywed in your life that needs a little R&R and some time with their honey during the cold winter season.

Sleigh Rides through Sunriver

It's true! They're as magical as they sound. There's nothing more romantic than strolling through Sunriver Resort in an open carriage sipping hot cocoa. Did someone call Santa Claus? Because this is tops them all! This gift requires a little more planning ahead, but it's sure to be an experience the newlyweds will never forget. Not to mention, it's also a great gift for newlyweds with kids as each sleigh can accommodate up to 6 guests. Price point: $250-$300.

Couples massages at a high-end spa

Okay, the newlyweds may have done this on Honeymoon, but it's never NOT a time for a massage! For first-year newlyweds, the Christmas season can be exhausting trying to send thank-you cards, book time at each family's home on Christmas Eve all the while hosting their own gatherings. The spa package at Allison Inn and Spa is one of my favorites! An oasis in the heart of the Willamette Valley, the Allison Inn captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest, presenting treatments and products that use blends of natural elements inspired by Oregon’s surroundings. Price point: $400+

Other great experience-based gifts for any newlywed in your life include wine memberships, tasting packages, Airbnb/VRBO gift certificates or something as simple as movie tickets. The couple will surely appreciate the thought and the opportunity to spend some time together.

Gifts for homeowners

If you're interested in gifting something that's more of an investment or an item that will elevate their home, consider gifting newlyweds something they would've forgotten to put on their registry!

Gift Certificates for home organization

One of the most common things I see forgotton on a registry is an organization system for all your new goodies! All of a sudden those brand new kitchen gadgets and china are collecting dust in the garage because there's just nowhere to put everything. Organization systems from the Container Store are a great gift for a newlywed couples that are just moving in together for the first time or even the seasoned professional that just has too much stuff. Price Point: $25+

Power tools, camping equipment and gardening gear!

Another list of items we see routinely forgotten on the registry is camping equipment, power tools and gardening gear! For the couples that love the great outdoors or working with their hands, giving the gift of waking up in nature, a serene day in the garden or an afternoon woodworking project is the perfect present! As each of these types of gifts can be expensive, we recommend taking advantage of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to lighten the load and decrease the financial burden! Price Point: $75+

Gifts for the foodies and home cooks

Are your friends the ultimate food critic or an expert chef? The best gift to give them might be staying out of the kitchen and making their life easier! Gifting for foodies and home cooks doesn't have to mean thinking outside the box or giving them the latest innovation in garlic pressing. Sometimes, it's just a good ole' box of chocolate croissants to make their New Year's Day morning a little easier so they too can cozy by the fire and watch the annual Rose parade.

Croissants, pastries and more -- delivered right to your home!

We at CME love to cook... yep, we're one of those people that love to host and nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a guest bite into one of your homemade recipes and smile with delight. However, when it comes to hosting huge holiday gatherings, the menu can spiral pretty quickly and soon enough, we're looking for the third oven! Purchasing breakfast pastries or desserts from Williams Sonoma is one of my favorite ways to decrease our time in the kitchen and spend more time with guests. The newlyweds in your life that are now in charge of breakfast will appreciate it and if they're not all that good a cook anyways, then maybe the guests will appreciate it even more! Price Point: $25+

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